Our Approach

Our Approach

Stepping Edge is the right place to convert your ambitious ideas into products. Precious time is invested when discussing product needs. We document your needs carefully. We convert your ideas in to products. The products we create will exactly conform to work for the purpose of your business.

We think forward in time, take account of potential risks, and design products based on reality. We engineer your products for design and function. Eventually, you will be able to deliver what your market and customers demand.

We study how your company or business works and develop strategy to create environment friendly product. Have an idea? we're ready to convert it into product.

Our Process


Software Requirement Document

We start off with your product with a very clear software requirement document.The functional and non-functional requirements of your product are clearly defined in the document.



Prototyping is the design documentation process that will clearly define the simulations possible between the user and the final product. It will explain in detail about...



The wireframe documentation method provides you with a sketchy, black, white, and gray representation of the product we will develop for you.



We follow Agile Development methodologies. We follow the iterative method in product development to demonstrate the working code to the customer in a period of just two weeks.



We use cutting edge testing tools to ensure that the product works as required to serve the purpose for which the business will be using the software for. We check the products for bugs.



We will help you with the process of integrating and implementing the product in the work flow of your organization or for the purposes of individual end users.

What people say About us

Most efficient developer in the world, they carve what i think.

Jack Kallis

Yes i saw the new way of internet marketing here- Stepping EDGE is being serving me with committed lead base as i’m not just interested in seeing website traffic.

Roy Brown

I believe in process for success, Stepping EDGE with their agile development process helped me to reach my customer within a month of time though the project development was planned for an year. They are super stars in term of quality and commitment.


Its been a great pleasure working with Stepping EDGE, they are simply awesome as they pay detail attention.

Kevin Pietersen

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