Play Store vs App Store-Keywords Ranking Priority​

  1.  App Store ranking

Are you ready to publish your app on the app store? If yes then this is for you! App store algorithm is completely different from the Google play algorithm.Following the same optimization technique will not work. Some of the key metadata which play vital role in keywords ranking are as follows,

App Name– include your core keywords, >=30 Characters

App subtitle– Include most relevant keywords, >=50 Characters.

Keyword Field – Include all the nearest and close keywords in this field.

Avoid adding duplicate keywords, Apple’s app store algorithm doesn’t love duplicate keywords, it will simply ignore them. Do not waste the character count.

You get best opportunity to detail your app features and uniqueness under description section without worrying about stuffing keywords, as Apple’s app store algorithm does not consider description  to rank your keywords

Keywords ranking priority falls in the order of metadata app name, subtitle and keywords, try to stick to this order for your top keywords.

app store listing

2. Play Store ranking

Google play ranking algorithm works pretty similar to google search algorithm. Use all  the best techniques you did for google search algorithm, below are some of the important metadata that play a key role in ranking your keywords.

App title– Include your high priority keywords >=50 Characters

Short description– Include your second highest priority keywords >=80 Characters

Long description


You can include up to 4000 characters in the long description,  google play algorithm will also consider description to rank your keywords. You can repeat  important keywords 3-4 times within the description without impacting user experience.

Ranking  priorities are ordered by app title, short description, long description and review

App Store listing
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