Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads or Google Ads or Twitter Ads? What works best for my business?

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Internet paid marketing is getting overwhelming response from businesses across the world, not because of its low cost but for the fast results. As we all know organic results in search engines and social media is time consuming and the conversion rate isn’t predictable. This is the main reason why paid advertisements are  popular these days.

Today everyone wanted to use digital space to promote products or services online. While Go to market (GTM) plays a vital role in the success of any business,  it’s important to wisely choose the best working media.

The very next question pops up is, which online media should I choose to advertise my business? Apparently, it’s the commonly asked question for people who haven’t tried paid advertisements yet.

Paid Ads Media

Some of the popular social advertisement channels are Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, Google adwords, Twitter ads, Tiktok, Pinterest, Quora etc. 

Identify your Ad channel

It’s important to understand where your customers spend more time before you decide the advertisement media. While most of the user’s spend much time on Facebook, Instagram, Search engines, YouTube , twitter and linkedin equally, it could be challenging to figure out the best working media.

Try to find out where all your potential customers spend more time.For example let’s consider your customers spend more time on Facebook, Google search and Instagram. Follow the below steps to shortlist your best working ad media from the above identified one,

Set your Ad campaigns:

When you’re ready with your business goals and Objectives,  start your first campaign in all the above media you shortlisted. Yes, you have to do a trial and error to find out  the best fit.

Some of the most popular Goals for the ad campaigns are,

  • I want more traffic to my business
  • I want more user engagement 
  • I want more leads, so that I can call and convert them
  • I want people to call or message 
  • I want people to buy my products
  • I want people to download my app from market place etc

A/B Testing

Best way to decide your advertisement channel is using A/B testing. Try to set up 2 similar campaigns in different advertising channels (eg., one on facebook and another on YouTube) with the same geography, audience and interest. 

Finalize the best Ad media

Based on the total spend,results, traffic received, impressions created, user engagement, cost per lead and cost per sale, you can finalize your preferred winning media.

Happy Marketing!!

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